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08 June 2017

Fly Courchevel

On March 25 and 26, SAF Hélicoptères participated in the first edition of the aeronautical event “Fly Courchevel”. On this occasion, SAF Helicopters offered several lectures on the operation of a helicopter and the history of the helicopter in mountain area and exposed an engine in its hangars. Many individuals have been able to fulfill their dreams by taking a “baptism of air” on board of our aircraft.

08 June 2017

Corso Fleuri

Saint-Germain-du-Corbéis, small town near Alençon, organises every year the “Corso Fleuri”, parade of flowery tanks over 2 km. The event brings thousands of spectators.

This year, Martine Lenoir, participating in the preparation of the Corso fleuri, chose to build a tank representing the SAF helicopter of the Samu 61. For this, she made more than 800,000 paper flowers in the colors of our helicopter.

We thank her greatly for this dedication.

Source and picture : Ouest-France

05 December 2016

Helilagon acquisition

SAF Helicopters Group is pleased to announce that the company HELILAGON, which operates and maintains helicopters in Reunion since 1986, joined the SAF Group on November 2, 2016.

Helilagon operates a fleet of 9 Squirels (4 monoturbine and 5 biturbine) and employs 40 people. Its main activities include scenic flights and aerial work.

This acquisition allows the Group to continue its development and opens up new prospects in an area where it was not present.

03 November 2016

200 000 hours of Arrius 2

Friday, September 16, SAF and Turbomeca teams met to celebrate the 200 000 hours of Arrius 2 made by the helicopters of the SAF Group.

19 July 2016

GNSS training program

SAF Training Academy continues to develop and gets on May, 11 of 2016 approval for RNAV-GNSS approach course. This two-day training will be essential to keep your IR qualification.